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A full service digital design & innovation studio.

We breathe life into your ideas.


First impression is important. A good brand identity will convey your message.

Web & UI Design

We create beautiful graphics and interfaces that are clean, inviting, and intuitive to use.


We write clean code to produce fully functional, interactive products.

Data Visualization

Trained in Astrophysics and Chemistry, we are equipped to analyze big data - and present them in meaningful ways.


Curiosity drives us to constantly seek out new technological frontiers.


By sharing our knowledge with others, we strengthen our own understanding of the subject.

Why Siliconian?

Not all design agencies are created equal.

Communication & Transparency

We will not leave you in the dark.

Excellent Problem Solvers

We were trained in Science, Engineering & Design.

Commitment & Integrity

We are 100% committed to complete your project.

Siliconian's Process

Typical roadmap of a project.

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    We understand that every client is unique. In our initial consultation session, we will listen to your vision and needs.

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    A good design solution requires careful planning. At this stage, we sketch out the architecture of the project and create wireframes of the UI.

  • 3


    Once we decide on the basic building blocks of the product, we start crafting the design mock up with Photoshop, Illustrator and in browser.

  • 4


    We develop the design mock up into an interactive, fully functional product.

  • 5


    Cross-platform tests will be carried out to ensure a smooth, flawless execution.

  • Launch
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    We train you on how to update your website/product by providing tutorials, screen sharing sessions or even meeting you in person.

  • 7


    Keeping your website/product up-to-date is important to avoid any security or compatibility issues.

Siliconian's Team

Having great balance of creativity and logic, we are down-to-earth, and yet,
not afraid to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Yvonne Tang

Yvonne Tang

Co-founder / Designer + Developer / Ex-astrophysicist

Yvonne is passionate about bridging Technology and Design. She has been coding and designing since a young age, and received her undergraduate degree in Astronomy and graduate degrees in Applied Physics from Cornell University. Yvonne currently works as a Front-End Developer at Stanford University.

Dr. Jeff Flowers

Dr. Jeff Flowers

Co-founder / Business Op + Developer / Chemistry Professor

As the customer-facing side of Siliconian, Jeff advises businesses, organizations, and academic institutions on how to best leverage their digital assets using modern web technologies. Outside of Siliconian, he works as a tenured Professor of Chemistry at the College of San Mateo. Jeff is also a crypto enthusiast and likes to collect vintage tech gadgets.

Our Featured Projects

We meticulously craft every design to ensure that your vision is reflected in the final product.


Mango Financial Systems

Web Design & Development

Tree Children's Lodge (Hong Kong)


Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes

Web Design & Development



The Ehmer Group

Web Design & Development

Center of Balance

Web Design & Development

Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility

Web Design & Development

Ask an Astronomer (Cornell)

Web Design & Development

National Center for Inquiry & Improvement

Web Design & Development

Caution: Infinite Loop Ahead

Graphic Design

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Graphic Design

Bitcoinjin - Beauty in Numbers


Jamal Cooks - SFSU Professor

Web Design & Development

Relistic Vector Egg

Graphic Design

Get Focused Stay Focused Brochure

Graphic Design

Why is design important?

Good design is more than eye candy.

First impression is everything. Imagine that we have two products with identical functionalities, but one with a sophisticated and modern interface, while the other looks cluttered and dated - which one do you think the user would prefer? This is also the reason why staged properties are sold faster for higher values compared to unstaged ones. Good design establishes trust. It is an investment that will always pay for itself.
When you have a great idea, you want your audience to understand your vision - to see what you are seeing. Good design will get your message across and establish the connection between your idea and your audience.
The influential American architect Louis Sullivan once said, "form follows function". Good design is not just about making beautiful graphics. The main purpose of design is to solve problems. A well designed product or interface will guide your users to intuitively do what you want them to do.

Caution: Infinite Loop Ahead

Project Description

A photo manipulation project that plays with the concept of a Möbius strip - a surface with only one side and one boundary. We created this piece in Adobe Photoshop.

Published: %s Dec 29, 14

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